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April 14, 2015

Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale (경기세계도자비엔날레)
The Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale first started in 2001 and has continued to contribute to the field of ceramics by showcasing hidden talents and allowing artists to experiment with their art. In a further attempt to push the boundaries of ceramic art, the festival in 2011 encouraged artists to expand their art by using elements from other art genres.

This 2015 festival’s theme will be called “Color: Ceramic Spectrum,” and it will demonstrate the creative aspect of ceramic arts. Generally, the word ‘color’ carries a physical and optical connotation, but this festival intends to expand the term’s meaning into a more idiomatic definition that encompasses the concepts of classifying objects and defining identity. Thus, the meaning of ‘color’ is portrayed by the artists’ own expression and artistic attitude at the festival. This festival divides color into three categories: “Isaek” (이색; distinctive color), which focuses on new trends and possibilities of ceramic art; “Chaesaek” (채색; multicolored), which shows modern ceramic art through a combination of other genres; and “Bonsaek” (본색; traditional color), which reflects the traditional factors of the three East Asian countries, connecting the past, present, and future of ceramics.

※ The festival is held every second year.

Period: 04.24.2015 ~ 05.31.2015


To Icheon Cerapia
From the Icheon Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Icheon Cerapia. (10-15min)

To Yeoju Dojasesang
From the Yeoju Intercity Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Silleuksa Temple.
Get off at Silleuksa Temple and walk 200m.

To Gyeonggi Ceramics Museum
Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 1.
Take Bus 1113-1 to the Gyeonggi Ceramics Museum.

Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 6.
Take Bus 500-1 to the Gyeonggi Ceramics Museum.

Nambu Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 4.
Take Bus 500-2 to the Gyeonggi Ceramics Museum.


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