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January 09, 2015
by DDP dongdaemun Design Plaza

DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the newest and most iconic landmark of the Korean design industry. Located at the center of the Dongdaemun area, the DDP will serve as a key venue for design-related shows and conferences, exhibitions, and other events and gatherings.

Designed by world renowned architect, Zaha Hadid, DDP is the world’s largest atypical architecture. The DDP is compromised of five halls: Art Hall, Museum, Design Lab, Design Market, and Dongdaemun History and Culture Park.

Located on the second basement level, the Art Hall is the primary launch pad for the Korean creative industry. The hall is a key venue for conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and performances.

The Museum Hall brings together Korean design and global trends. The Museum Hall is comprised of five sections: Design Playground, Design Dulle-gil(trail), Design Museum, Design Exhibition Hall, and the Design Rest Area.

The Design Playground (located on the fourth floor) offers a variety of design content and activities to encourage creative and critical thinking for children of all ages. Family with children from ages 5~15 can participate in 12 various activities throughout the Museum Hall.

The Design Lab serves as an incubator for rising Korean and international creative product designers. Products and ideas are exhibited and traded through Korea’s foremost platform for creative design. The ‘Box Gallery’ within the Hall will help promote creative designers whose products and designs have failed to receive mainstream attention for their uniqueness.

Design Market: Culture+Experience+Shopping

The Design Market is a multipurpose space that combines culture, experiences and shopping. This hall is open 24 hours a day to provide added convenience to visitors of Dongdaemun Market, the town that never sleeps. The Design Market can be accessed directly from Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, exit 1.

Dongdaemun History & Culture Park: History and Nature in one

The Dongdaemun History & Culture Park is the newest park in downtown Seoul. The park gives a glimpse of how the area was once used as a military training ground during the Joseon dynasty. The park seamlessly extends onto the rooftop of DDP, making it a truly unique park in Korea.

For questions and inquires about DDP, please call +82-2-2153-0510 or +82-2-2266-7088.

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