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March 12, 2013
by Min

Korean style for Chinese food
Today, I had Chinese food. Actually it is not original Chinese food but changed into Korean style. This food is cheap, delicious and various, above of all things it can be delivered to anywhere in 10 minutes without addition charge. That's why I love Chinese foods.

I recommend you the black sauce noodle which is called JaJangMyeon(자장면). When you had too much drink last night, It is better to have the Jjambbong(짬뽕) with red soup. It will make you feel better. These two dishes represent the Chinese food of Korea. If you want more, you can ask Ggob-Bae-Gi꼽배기 to worker.

When placing an order, Many Koreans are suffered whether order a JaJangMyeon or Jjambbong. JaJangMyeon, Jjambbong, that's question. I sympathize with you, Hamlet.

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