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金秀賢挑戰職業... 金秀賢的經紀公司KEYEAST向媒體透露稱,金秀賢報名參加了職業保齡球選手選拔賽。平時就很喜歡保齡球的金秀賢,本次挑戰是以個人名... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

宋仲基客串電視... 媒體報導稱,宋仲基將客串《Man To Man》,JTBC方面證實了這一消息。據悉,出演契機是和在《太陽的後裔》中有過合作的金元錫編劇的“... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

《師任堂》宋承... 李英愛和宋承憲主演的SBS新週三週四劇《師任堂,光的日記》新海報公開。 《師任堂,光的日記》將於2017年1月開播。和之前公開的海... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

花世子朴寶劍擄... 正在熱播的KBS2月火劇《雲畫的月光》讓飾演男主的朴寶劍再次大火。他在劇中飾演朝鮮後期純祖的兒子李韺,和扮成男裝的洪樂瑥(金裕... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

BTS' 'Wings&... BTS is now the first K-pop act to log three entries on the Billboard 200 after sending their EP The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2 to No. 171 in December 2015, and compilatio... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 10/18/2016 Details

Seoul International Fi... Seoul International Fireworks Festival ※ The 2016 Schedule Is Coming Soon The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is held in early October of each year in front of the 6... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 10/09/2016 Details

Moonlight Drawn By Clo... The recently aired South Korean historical drama entitled Moonlight Drawn by Clouds or also known as Love in the Moonlight still at the top spot of the TV Popularity Chart in South... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 09/25/2016 Details

2PM COMEBACK : KPOP BO... 2PM is making a comeback. It’s official. As Soompi reports, band member Lee Junho posted a schedule of 2PM’s new album release schedule and it looks chock-full of goodies for K... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 09/04/2016 Details

Kpop News: BIGBANG Cho... Kpop group BIGBANG has been recognized to be the national 'Creative Icon' of South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. BigBang will be the new ambassador o... by Kpop News: BIGBANG Chosen As Kor 08/07/2016 Details