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G-Dragon hints at his ... G-Dragon Is G-Dragon getting ready to make a solo comeback?! The Big Bang member got fans extremely curious as well as excited with a mysterious post on Instagram. Many belie... by Lee Dong ju 04/20/2017 Details

Hidden hot spot in seo... Today I’m going to introduce a hidden hot spot in Seoul. Gyeongui Line Forest Park (Yeontral Park) is just next to subway Hongdae station. After 7 pm in the night, the Park is fu... by Doo guesthouse 04/11/2017 Details

Fireworks at the grand... Korean retail giant "Lotte Group" shot off fireworks to celebrate the grandmark opening of it's landmark building, the Lotte World Tower in Seoul. The 123-story skyscraper ... by Doo guesthouse 04/03/2017 Details

The Super beginner’s... So you just got on the K-pop train. This after enjoying a sample of what the genre has to offer after watching the One Korea Concert in Manila last week. If you browse online, you... by Doo guesthouse 03/13/2017 Details

《心靈的聲音》... 網路劇《心靈的聲音》上線僅一天的時間,播放量已遠遠超過300萬,展現爆紅徵兆。 KBS藝能局推出的首部網路劇KBS 2TV《心靈的聲音》... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

廣告女王全智賢... 全智賢近期新簽下了墨鏡品牌GENTLE MONSTER以及中國家電品牌OPPO手機的廣告代言合約。 GENTLE MONSTER是在熱門劇《來自星星的你》中成功展現... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

裴勇俊‧朴秀珍... 44歲的裴勇俊和31歲的朴秀珍喜得一子,升級為父母。裴勇俊的經紀公司KEYEAST於24日向媒體透露了這一喜訊。「朴秀珍23日在江南某醫院順... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

李敏鎬成高顏值... 上週SBS新劇《藍色大海的傳說》首支預告片公開,唯美哀傷的風格讓不少人下定了追劇決心。24日,李敏鎬在 《藍色大海的傳說》中飾演... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details

李準基黑白寫真... 《月之戀人─步步驚心:麗》還有4集就要收尾了,李準基飾演的四皇子王昭最近每集都會使觀眾催淚。被逼著殘殺兄弟,放棄愛人,最... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 11/15/2016 Details