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Seoul’s Top 5 Underg... Share |     Seoul’s Top 5 Underground Shopping Malls Korea’s four distinctive seasons might be appealing to visitors from a country with... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 08/01/2015 Details

Bingsu, an unbeatable ... Bingsu (shaved ice with toppings) is a popular snack food found almost everywhere in Korea during the summer months. As it becomes a heavily dominant menu eaten across t... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 08/01/2015 Details

Seoul Bukchon Hanok Vi... Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village During the Joseon Dynasty, Seoul had both a north village and a south village. While the south village was home to lower ranking officials, ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 07/30/2015 Details

South Korea's Best The... Banana TreeLocation:  Sinsa-dong, HangangjinTheme Extreme: 6/10Concept:  Banana Tree is a charming cafe inspired by, well, bananas. Instead of 'going bananas' with t... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 07/26/2015 Details

The coolest theme cafe... Photo credit: Seoul State of Mind blog Seoul has had a bustling industry of coffee shops, tea shops and cafes in recent years, and now another trend that is setting a new... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 07/25/2015 Details

Samgyetang. One of his... 蔘: 인삼 삼 (Ginseng: Sam) , 鷄: 닭 계 (Chicken: Gye), 湯: 탕 (Soup: Tang) Samgyetang. One of historical dish from Korea. My dad used to take me to this Samgyetang r... by dooguesthouse 07/23/2015 Details

International Summer F... Immerse yourself in nutrient-rich mud at the spirited Boryeong Mud Festival, one of Korea’s most popular summer festivals! The festival takes place on Korea’s west coast at Dae... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 07/19/2015 Details

Seoul’s Trend Mecca:... If you like killing two birds with one stone, we recommend you to head out to Sinsa-dong and Hapjeong-dong to do some sightseeing and relaxing in one place! These so called “hip ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 07/12/2015 Details

Enjoy the hot Korean s... Although Korea has an abundance of attractions throughout the seasons, the best time to visit Korea is in the summer, when the country is replete with events and festivals that are... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 07/12/2015 Details