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Christmas Celebrations... South Korea is not the only East Asian country to celebrate Christmas ? most definitely, but it has become one of the countries where the celebrations are most widespread. If ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 12/17/2015 Details

Coffee Station Paul Ba... Paul Bassett won the World Barista Championship in 2003, and since then he’s opened cafe/roasteries in bothTokyo and Seoul. I stumbled upon the Seoul location a f... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 12/08/2015 Details

The coolest theme cafe... Share |     Photo cr... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 10/24/2015 Details

Underground goldmine f... Photo: Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center This is where fashion trendsetters in Korea gather to check out the latest products from fashion-forward stores that don’t... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 09/20/2015 Details

Seoul Photo Tour: Insa... We’d like to start a new series where we introduce some of Seoul’s best areas with photos. With this Seoul photo tour, we’ll be focusing on what makes each area so special an... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 09/11/2015 Details

Beautiful Samcheongdon... In Gwanghwamun area lies this beautiful street named Samcheongdong-gil. If you are in the area touring Gyeongbokgung, you must drop by this street that is dotted with many fashion... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 08/27/2015 Details

Hanok Coffee Shops in ... At Bukchon Hanok Village and Insa-dong in downtown Seoul, there are a number of coffee shops and tea houses renovated in hanok (traditional Kor... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 08/15/2015 Details

Riverside Relaxation Quite possibly Seoul’s defining topological feature, the Hangang River not only bisects the city geographically but also serves as the social dividing line between the ber-... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 08/15/2015 Details

Seoul’s Top 5 Underg... Share |     Seoul’s Top 5 Underground Shopping Malls Korea’s four distinctive seasons might be appealing to visitors from a country with... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 08/01/2015 Details