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(Maejakgwa) Korean Tra... Maejakgwa, otherwise referred to as maeyeopgwa, is made by kneading wheat flour with ground ginger and then rolling the dough thin. The dough sheet is then cut into small rectangle... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/14/2016 Details

(Yakgwa) Korean Tradit... When making yakgwa, wheat flour, sesame oil, honey, liquor, and ginger juice are mixed into dough and then fried in oil and dipped in honey. This deliciously sweet treat has a soft... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/13/2016 Details

Hansik Cuisine Korean food is referred to in Korean as Hansik. While many other Asian ethnic foods such as Chinese or Japanese food have become popular throughout the world, Korean food has yet t... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/11/2016 Details

Jeonggwa Jeonggwa?(sometimes spelled as?jeongwa), is made by boiling fresh fruits, plant roots or seeds in honey. This cooking process removes the acidity of the fruits and prolongs storage... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/08/2016 Details

(Yugwa) Korean Traditi... Yugwa?is made by mixing glutinous rice flour with liquor to make dough, then steaming and dividing the dough into smaller pieces before deep-frying in oil and coating them with?joc... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/04/2016 Details

(hodu-gwaja) Korean Tr... Cheonan's signature cookie?hodu-gwaja?is wheat flour dough stuffed with red bean paste and locally produced walnuts (hodu?in Korean). Large pieces of walnuts are embedded on t... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/04/2016 Details

(Tteok) Korean Traditi... Tteok, or Korean rice cake, is made with grain flour, such as glutinous rice flour. It has been a Korean custom to prepare and eat tteok on ceremonial occasions like birthdays and ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 12/30/2015 Details

Korea's traditio... Gangjeong Gangjeong is a traditional confectionery that is often featured on special occasions such as ancestral rites or banquets. It is made by kneading glutinous rice flour... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 12/30/2015 Details

New Year’s Sunrise F... Seongsan Sunrise FestivalPeriod: Dec. 30 ? Jan 1Location: Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak area (Seogwipo-si, Jeju Self-Governing Province)Description: Join the countdown an... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 12/30/2015 Details