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KTO Tourist Informatio... The main Tourist Information Center (TIC) is located on the second level of Korea Tourism Organization’s (KTO) Seoul Office, located on Cheonggyecheon-ro in Jung-gu. At the TIC, ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 04/12/2016 Details

1330 Travel Hotline & ... 1330 Korea Travel Hotline, operated by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), is a one-stop helpline available as a public service for local and international travelers. For any inq... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 04/12/2016 Details

Cherry Blossoms in Yeo... For countries which experience a more forgiving climate compared to the Philippines, spring marks a new beginning as everything comes back to life. Thus, it is only appropriate to ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 03/09/2016 Details

(Hoengseong: Jjin-ppan... Jjin-ppang is soft and fluffy steamed bun with red bean paste filling. It is particularly popular in the winter and offers the fun of blowing on hot, fresh-steamed bun. In Anheung-... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/21/2016 Details

(Jumunjin: Ojingeo-ppa... Jumunjin in Gangneung, Gangwon-do is a coastal region famous for squid (ojingeo in Korean). Accordingly, ojingeo-ppang became Jumunjin's signature squid bread. The cute squid-... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/20/2016 Details

(Tongyeong: Kkul-ppang... Kkul-ppang, literally meaning "honey bread," was first introduced in the early 1960s, not long after the Korean War. It was originally made for sailors as a snack that can be store... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/19/2016 Details

(hodu-gwaja) Korean Tr... Hwangnam-ppang was first made in 1939 during the Japanese colonial era in Hwangnam-dong district of Gyeongju, which is where it got its name. Wheat flour dough made by strictly adh... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/18/2016 Details

(Yeot) Korean Traditio... Yeot is a variety of Korean traditional confectionery made by fermenting starch-containing grains into malt and then boiling it for a long time. Yeot has a very sweet taste can be ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/15/2016 Details

(Maejakgwa) Korean Tra... Maejakgwa, otherwise referred to as maeyeopgwa, is made by kneading wheat flour with ground ginger and then rolling the dough thin. The dough sheet is then cut into small rectangle... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/14/2016 Details