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8,000 Chinese tourists... A group of 8,000 employees from a Chinese company will visit South Korea next month to taste Korean traditional ginseng chicken soup, the Seoul city government said Wednesday. ... by 8,000 Chinese tourists to visit 05/14/2016 Details

KTO Tourist Informatio... The main Tourist Information Center (TIC) is located on the second level of Korea Tourism Organization’s (KTO) Seoul Office, located on Cheonggyecheon-ro in Jung-gu. At the TIC, ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 04/12/2016 Details

1330 Travel Hotline & ... 1330 Korea Travel Hotline, operated by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), is a one-stop helpline available as a public service for local and international travelers. For any inq... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 04/12/2016 Details

Cherry Blossoms in Yeo... For countries which experience a more forgiving climate compared to the Philippines, spring marks a new beginning as everything comes back to life. Thus, it is only appropriate to ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 03/09/2016 Details

(Hoengseong: Jjin-ppan... Jjin-ppang is soft and fluffy steamed bun with red bean paste filling. It is particularly popular in the winter and offers the fun of blowing on hot, fresh-steamed bun. In Anheung-... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/21/2016 Details

(Jumunjin: Ojingeo-ppa... Jumunjin in Gangneung, Gangwon-do is a coastal region famous for squid (ojingeo in Korean). Accordingly, ojingeo-ppang became Jumunjin's signature squid bread. The cute squid-... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/20/2016 Details

(Tongyeong: Kkul-ppang... Kkul-ppang, literally meaning "honey bread," was first introduced in the early 1960s, not long after the Korean War. It was originally made for sailors as a snack that can be store... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/19/2016 Details

(hodu-gwaja) Korean Tr... Hwangnam-ppang was first made in 1939 during the Japanese colonial era in Hwangnam-dong district of Gyeongju, which is where it got its name. Wheat flour dough made by strictly adh... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/18/2016 Details

(Yeot) Korean Traditio... Yeot is a variety of Korean traditional confectionery made by fermenting starch-containing grains into malt and then boiling it for a long time. Yeot has a very sweet taste can be ... by DOO GUESTHOUSE 01/15/2016 Details