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Best service

We strive to provide the best service possible, with the highest regards to quality, satisfaction. Nice staff - To make your stay more enjoyable our staff remain very kind with nice smile every day. We also will try our best to provide you with the travel tips and fulfillments you want. We look forward to welcoming you to doo guesthouse in Seoul!

Fun & enjoy

We will do everything possible to make your stay in Seoul a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Good location

Seoul Doo Guesthouse hostel is ideal for travelers with convenient locations near the best dining, entertainment and area attractions in Bukchon. It is also perfect for business travelers with easy access to area businesses and generous amenities to make your stay as productive as possible.
Many of our locations also offer event space for social gatherings at our doo guesthouse.
Be sure to check out our array of doo hanok guesthouse hostel offers for even more savings when you stay with us.

Beautiful sky view

If you love to take a rest , nature and peace and quiet, this is the ultimate guesthouse.
Sitting on your chair, at the terrace, looking out at all the awesome nature and energizing your mind and soul, is the only way to enjoy Seoul. The location is the best there.
The Lounge is sprawled out, making it superb in meeting everyone's needs.