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July 27, 2017
by Doo guesthouse

Gugudan to hold their first fan meeting since debut on '9.9 Day'!

Gugudan will have their first official fan meeting since their debut!

Jellyfish Entertainment said, "Gugudan will have their first fan meeting at 6PM KST at Seoul's Woori Art Hall on September 9. We have decided that September 9, which has two of the symbolic number '9', will be 'GuGu Day' ('9.9 Day'), and that they will meet with their fans on this special day. This is the first time Gugudan will have an official fan meeting on a large scale. It'll be a place where fans will be able to communicate with them deeper than any other time."

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The girls will be staying busy until September, with their first subunit 'Gugudan 5959' and Kim Se Jung's first drama 'School 2017'.

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