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July 27, 2017
by Doo guesthouse

Which boy groups top the list of first-week album sales in 2017 so far?

A list of the biggest first-week sales for boy groups in 2017 has been compiled.

EXO top the list at over 602,000 albums sold in just the first week with 'The War', breaking their own previous record with 'EX'ACT'. Following at 2nd is BTS with over 373,000 copies of 'You Never Walk Alone'. Seventeen shows the top 3 boy groups really are 'EBS' and come in 3rd place with over 192,000 copies sold of 'Al1'. GOT7 is very close behind with 159,000 copies of 'Arrival', and Highlight comes next with almost 74,000 copies of 'Can You Feel It?'.

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ASTRO make a very impressive placing with over 60,000 copies of 'Dream Part.01' as they're just barely over a year old. NCT 127 comes next with over 56,000 copies of 'Cherry Bomb', UP10TION comes next with over 55,400 copies of 'STAR;DOM', Sechskies is next with over 55,200 copies of 'The 20th Anniversary', and BTOB rounds out the top 10 with over 50,000 copies of 'Feel'eM'.

The rest of the boys ranked are CNBLUE's Yonghwa with over 48,000 copies of 'Do Disturb', Big Bang's G-Dragon with over 46,000 copies of 'Kwon Ji Yong', TEEN TOP with over 44,400 copies of 'High Five', VIXX and MONSTA X basically tied for next place with over 44,100 copies of 'Shangri-La' and 'Beautiful', respectively, Shinhwa with over 43,000 copies of 'Unchanging Touch', NCT 127 again with over 34,500 copies of 'Limitless', WINNER with over 34,000 copies of 'Fate Number For', MONSTA X again with over 33,000 copies of 'Shine Forever', Highlight again with over 26,000 copies of 'Calling You', B.A.P with over 23,000 copies of 'Rose', iKON with over 22,000 copies of 'New Kids: Begin', VIXX's Ravi with over 17,000 copies of 'R.EAL1ZE', SHINee's Jonghyun with almost 17,000 copies of 'Story Op.2', CNBLUE with over 16,000 copies of '7℃N', Super Junior's Yesung with over 15,000 copies of 'Spring Falling', F.T. Island with over 14,300 copies of 'Over 10 Years', Super Junior's Kyuhyun with over 14,200 copies of 'Goodbye For Now', NCT Dream with over 13,000 copies of 'My First Last', and TEEN TOP's Niel with over 12,000 copies of 'Love Affair...'.

Of course, as it's only mid-2017, the list will probably change - in fact, Wanna One have already sold over 50,000 in pre-orders, so they've already placed in the top 10.

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